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Children wearing Rince Academy uniforms, ready for Irish Dance Classes in Sydney

Discover the world

of Irish Dance

Recreational Irish Dance Classes

Fun, Fitness & Friendship

Instructors Natasia Petracic and Bobby Hodges teaching at Rince Academy, the leading Irish Dance School

Competitive Irish Dance Classes

Competition, Grade Exams & Performance

Private Irish Dance Classes

Personalised Coaching & Conditioning


Start your Irish dancing journey today with the Rince Academy. Register now for your free trial class.​

What is the Rince Academy?

Welcome to the Rince Academy of Irish Dance - where passion meets tradition! Learn from the best in the industry as Riverdance stars Natasia Petracic & Bobby Hodges guide your child’s dance journey through creativity, confidence and community. Whether you're an aspiring Irish dancer ready to shine or a parent seeking dynamic growth for your child, the Rince Academy has a place for you.

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