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Recreational Irish Dance Classes

Discover the world of Irish dance in our fun and energetic classes. Learn the basics of Irish dance technique all whilst improving coordination, rhythm and self-confidence. Our recreational classes are an excellent way to make new friends whilst working together as a team. Start your Irish dancing journey today!

Competitive Irish Dance Classes

Learn from the best in the Industry as we help you take your Irish dancing to the next level. Our competitive classes include graded Irish dancing exams, competitions and performance experiences. Immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of the Irish dance community as you train for Regional, National and International competitions. Reach your Irish dancer goals and train like a pro!

Private Classes

Irish dance - Elevate your Irish dance training with our private coaching classes. Each dancer receives a tailor-made program specifically designed to meet their individual needs as we work on finessing technique, rhythm and choreography.


Strength & Conditioning - We are proud to offer Barre Motion exclusively to our students at the Rince Academy. Strengthen your dancer technique, enhance cardio fitness and improve posture with this dance inspired Pilates service.


Intermediate / Open

Beginners / Primary 4+ years


Primary / Elementary 8+ years

Beginners 4+ years

Intermediate / Open

Term 1

7th February - 6th April

Term 2

25th April - 1st July

Term 3

11th July - 16th September

Term 4

7th October - 16th December


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